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HUB EAST 2024 Session



"Breaking Down the Barriers – Collaboration Advancement for Program Optimization"

Don't worry if you missed our live session at Hub East on March 20th. From 2 to 2:45 p.m., our experienced professional, Stuart Kamin, moderated a crucial session on "Breaking Down the Barriers—Collaboration Advancement for Program Optimization." The key speaker was Meghan Szczech from SK Life Sciences.

In this engaging session, the following insightful topics were elaborated in detail:

  • The advantages of cross-functional collaboration when collaborating with important partners such as vendors
  • The urgency of being proactive instead of reactive when interacting with legal and compliance departments
  • The strategic role that the commercial team plays in patient services
  • Gleaning insights and learning from colleagues on the best practices to adapt in the respective departments which contribute to building and nurturing a relationship that is collaborative, symbiotic, and directed toward supporting the patient

Hence, don't miss this opportunity! Watch the session now!