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Data Aggregation
Done Right

Claritas Rx understands the drivers and barriers to brand success. We are a partner you can rely on for quality data and better insights.

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Clean, Reliable, Up-to-date Data

Claritas Rx data aggregation services offer you rich, rapid market visibility across specialty brands. Our data aggregation solution is unique because we just don't process the data we understand it. With Claritas Rx you get clean, reliable, up-to-date, longitudinally matched data that helps you access the information you need to run your business. Claritas Rx is a data aggregation partner you can trust to get the most from your data, and we can also provide the insights you want to better understand the patient experience.  


Data Aggregation chart
Data ingestion

Flexible Data Ingestion

The Claritas Rx platform supports many data sources, from Specialty Pharma and Patient Services Hubs to Co-pay providers and data warehouse aggregators. We can quickly process a large range of fragmented data types at scale to prepare your data for reporting.

Robust Data Validation

Claritas Rx uses multiple approaches to ensure that data is clean within the Claritas Rx platform. Our robust automated rules engine assesses whether the data received is accurate based on business rules and historical trends. Caritas Rx can reconcile daily transactions to confirm completeness or fill gaps and confirm the data ties within confidence levels.

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Reliable Data Matching

Claritas Rx can master records based on PHI, token matching, or both for cross-channel visibility. Our compliant PHI and token matching method enables matching across all sources and has received endorsements from large, covered entities.


Connect All Your Data  

Claritas Rx supports claims data integration at the patient and provider levels to enable market-level insights. Our platform can connect to clean, high-quality data via APIs or generate data extracts in many formats.

Claritas Data Provisioning

See Your Data Sooner with Claritas Rx

The Claritas Rx implementation team uses a phased plan to ensure a smooth go-live and positive ongoing experience. Our team has industry and data experience to effectively manage the process and mitigate risks to meet your timelines and expectations.

Claritas Rx can also generate reports and dashboards to help you understand payer, distribution, and patient service performance.

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