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Patient Intervention

Our patient intervention solution offers Market Access teams a unique and innovative way to remove the barriers that prevent patients from accessing the treatment they need. 

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Claritas Rx Patient Intervention offers a unique combination of early insights with smart case coordination that helps teams act fast to improve the throughput of first-fill conversions and refill rates for patients who experience issues.

Improve Conversion and Refill Rates

Customers using the Claritas Rx solution have improved the throughput of first-fill conversions and refill rates for patients who experience issues. On average, our customers have been able to achieve the following results:

Refill Rates_2
Patient Journey Tracking

Patient Journey Tracking

The Claritas Rx Patient journey tracker offers real-time at-a-glance insight into where patients are within their treatment journey at any given moment. Our patient tracking analytics framework is where treatment milestones are established and tailored to your brand. Configurable exception thresholds enable you to visualize the access to treatment steps to get your patient on your brand. Easily view patients flowing through the process without issues and those with problems.

Predictive Risk Profiling

Our AI model can be added to the Claritas Rx patient journey tracking solution to identify at-risk patients and predict when they are likely to experience issues with access to treatment - leveraging our machine learning algorithms. 

Predictive Risk Profiling
Smart Case coord


Smart Case Coordination

With the Claritas Rx smart case coordination portal, you and your partners can quickly identify patient treatment issues, such as abandonments or discontinuations, and streamline your case coordination efforts to act faster. Our solution lets you and your partners look at the same information and prioritize your focus and resources. Information is current, not buried in days-old excel data.


“I consider Claritas Rx a part of my team and rely heavily on their expertise for multiple projects.

Christina Hsu
Director, Market Planning & Operations

at Corcept Therapeutics

See Your Data Sooner with Claritas Rx

The Claritas Rx implementation team uses a phased plan to ensure a smooth go-live and positive ongoing experience. Our team has industry and data experience to effectively manage the process and mitigate risks to meet your timelines and expectations.


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